Self Defense And Asymmetric Response

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Self Defense And Asymmetric Response

Let's face it, purse snatchers and other petty thieves tend to steal and pilfer against people who they don't believe will be a threat during the theft. Typically, thieves want a clean theft in which they snatch a purse or wallet then run away, knowing that the unwitting victim will not be a physical threat to them if the situation should turn violent.

It makes sense that large, muscular men are seldom the victims of this sort of crime, after all, how many men over 200 pounds are being singled out for theft? There are far softer targets out there for thieves to attack, that's for sure.

But what about when a thief or purse snatcher is surprised by the vigor in which a victim tries to keep their property, or even fights back?

There have been many cases in which grandma or grandpa refuse to hand over their wallet or purse, and may even put up a fight.

Let's just put this out there right up front: the best solution is always to give up your purse or wallet; it is the solution in which you are most likely to escape uninjured. 

HOWEVER, and it is a big however....if the situation looks like physical conflict is inevitable, you need to fight back, and fight back viciously.

Consider the police use of force spectrum in which the order of the day is to use asymmetric force to deal with physical violence. Asymmetric force is simple to understand: it is a response that is greater than the threat. And you need to incorporate this strategy into your self defense plan.

Asymmetric force is used by police departments nationwide because at the end of the day, a police officer cannot physically fight every single violent suspect. They need to be able to rapidly take control of the situation with minimal risk of injury to themselves, and that means using a heck of a lot more force in response to an attack. You, the average American prepper should use this strategy as well. It looks like this:

Attacker wants to fist fight? You use pepper spray to incapacitate him.

Attacker continues to fist fight? You use a baton or staff to hit him back harder and stop the fight.

Attacker pulls a knife? You pull a gun.

Attacker pulls a gun? You've already pulled yours and shot him before he has a chance to hurt you.

That, in a nutshell, is asymmetric force. Take it to heart!