What Is A Glass Breaker And Why Would You Ever Need One?

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What Is A Glass Breaker And Why Would You Ever Need One?

Here at American Family Survival, we have several products that have what we call a "glass breaker tip". The Tactical Tomahawk and Tac Staff both have these hardened conical steel heads that are referred to as glass breakers. 

So what do these do, anyways?

A glass breaker by definition is a pointy, cone shaped piece of metal that is intended to break glass in a very special way. Made of hardened steel and with a very sharp point, a glass breaker is designed to momentarily point load a pane of glass in such a manner that it puts a lot of force on a very small area and thus shatters the glass.

The reason for this is simple. 

Modern safety glass like the kind found in car windows and windshields is very resistant to breakage. You can pound on the glass with your hands, you can strike a windshield with a baseball bat or even a brick, and it won't break. It might spider crack, but it won't break.

This is entirely by design, mainly to keep foreign objects outside of the vehicle. 

There's only one problem with this scenario....safety glass works against you when you are either trying to escape a vehicle, or you need to be rescued from the vehicle by someone else.

Usually, a bad enough car accident will make it such that the doors of the vehicle will no longer work. The only way out becomes from the windows, which of course, are very difficult to break by design.

Enter the glass breaker, which makes short work of automotive windows during the time you need it most. Using very little force, a hardened steel glass breaker will instantly shatter safety glass and allow you to egress the vehicle, or rescue someone who cannot otherwise help themselves.

Always carry something with a glass breaker tip while riding inside a motor vehicle!